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Savina Todorova

How a Web3 training program can help you master blockchain development

Blockchain has come a long way since its inception over a decade ago and is currently one of the most […]

Evgeni Enakiev

We sat with Galin Ganchev (GG) and Daniel Zahariev (DZ), LimeAcademy alumni, to ask a few questions about their transition […]

Evgeni Enakiev

Kris Dimitrov is a tech lead in LimeChain and а mentor at LimeAcademy. He is currently focused on two main […]

Evgeni Enakiev

Working as a blockchain dev is very exciting, being in the Web3 space and helping build incredible projects that could […]

Evgeni Enakiev

Being part of LimeAcademy has meant the start of a whole new career in blockchain development for many of our […]