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LimeAcademy alumni: “I gained the confidence that I can become a blockchain developer”

Being part of LimeAcademy has meant the start of a whole new career in blockchain development for many of our graduates. We caught up with some of them and asked them a few questions. Vladimir Trifonov, Tomislav Drachev, Nick Kirov and Angel Valkov share what attracted them to blockchain, what they learned at LimeAcademy and what advice they’d give to people considering this career path. 

Why did you decide to transition to blockchain development?

VT: Being a blockchain engineer is one of the most fun and rewarding experiences and career paths today. The possibilities are endless and there’s a growing number of blockchain companies in the market, as well as web2 enterprises looking to tap into the web3 world.

TD: I’ve always been future-driven, also I’ve been a big fan of crypto for a while now.

AV: I think that blockchain will transform our lives during the next decade and I want to be part of this transformation.

NK: About a year ago, I started reading about Bitcoin. More specifically, how it was created, why it was created, the game theory behind it, the economical, philosophical aspects of it, etc. I loved all of this and I could basically read all day about related stuff. Since I specialize in computer science, this was when I started thinking about being part of all of this.

What was the most valuable thing you learned at LimeAcademy?

NK: To me, the most valuable things in the Academy were the well-structured, up-to-date content and the mentors. It is possible to be a self-learner but as this space is new and fast-growing, it’s important to learn to use the tech stack that is vetted and endorsed by the top devs in the field. This is the case at LimeAcademy. Also, the fact that you have a mentor to turn to makes the journey even more exciting.

AV: Definitely the Q&A sessions, the mentorship and the well-structured learning materials.

TD: I am particularly happy with the opportunities that it presented, for example, being able to talk to some of the biggest names in the blockchain world.

VT: I gained the confidence that I can become a blockchain developer.

What have you achieved since graduating from the Academy?

VT: I am already working on a blockchain project.

NK: I now work as a blockchain developer and I’d say that I’m involved in projects that use the hottest crypto trends, allowing me to see blockchain in a more-detailed way and understand more advanced concepts that were very hard for me to understand before.

TD: I can officially say I’ve developed a dApp for the course curriculum and I’ve actually started a job in the field.

AV: I joined LimeChain and was swiftly onboarded on a project that aims to build a decentralized cloud computing network. I’m currently working with top talent from all over the world.

What advice would you give to someone who thinks about becoming a blockchain developer?

NK: If you really want it, now is the perfect time! Even for people who haven’t read much about blockchain before, the Academy is perfect to just try and see what it is like to be a blockchain developer and learn about all the crypto concepts that the whole world is talking about.

AV: Be open to learning and trying new things and don’t be afraid to fail during the process.

TD:  “The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago, the second best time is now”- so go for it, it’s an amazing world!

VT: Just do it.

At LimeAcademy, we train well-rounded Web3/smart contract devs who will be ready to face the challenges of working on blockchain projects. If you want to become a blockchain developer join the next cohort that starts in October. Check out what you will learn during the training and save your spot.

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Researched and written by

Evgeni Enakiev
CEO of LimeAcademy

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