Blockchain Education For Developers

Practical 8-week online program designed to help experienced developers transition into the blockchain world. Next cohort starts in May.  

Enrolment is now open.

What You Get From the LimeAcademy Blockchain Learning Program

Practical Program, 8 Weeks, 100% Online


Learn at your own pace with full access to all instructional materials.

Personal Mentors and Real Own Projects


Regular sessions and guidance from a personal mentor for your own project.

Community of Top Talents


Join a community where you can grow together with your peers and access quality educational content.

Admission with Limited Spots


After applying and and completing an entry task only a limited cohort of candidates will be approved and invited to join the program.

АМА sessions with special guests


Exclusive ask-me-anything sessions with top professionals from the global blockchain industry.

Get Career Opportunities with our Partners


After successful completion of the program you can get exclusive job opportunities from our partners.


Application Process

Training Requirements and Details


Frequently Asked Questions

Participants need to have a certain level of proficiency to be able to successfully complete the program and become blockchain developers. If you are making your first steps in software development, we don’t recommend jumping into blockchain just yet.

If your application is approved (based on your experience profile), you’ll advance to the next stage of the approval process, which involves completing  a small entry task designed to assess your programming skills. After submitting the task and getting the final approval you can book your spot in the program and start your training.

You’ll receive all instructional materials in the beginning of the program and you can learn at your own pace. The program is not a lean-back-and-watch-tutorials kind of program, rather it aims to mimic the daily work routine of a blockchain dev where you get a big project to develop hands on. You’ll be able to schedule 1-1 sessions with your personal mentor and get support all the time from your peers too. Once a week there will be an online meetup with the mentors and the whole cohort where you’ll get more opportunities to ask questions regarding your project.

The upcoming training season will start in May 2022 and will last eight weeks.

Our team of mentors is dedicated to providing the program’s trainees with the best guidance to ensure  that everyone in the program can  complete it successfully. Our mission is to help you acquire and master all skills needed to become a top blockchain developer. The limited spots ensure that everyone will get the care and attention they need.

The tuition fee is €1050. However, after successful completion of the program, you’ll get career opportunities from our partners and once you secure one of them, we’ll reimburse the whole amount.

If you enroll in the program for educational purposes only – to upskill or start your own project, the fee stays with us.

Wait for it… After the training season ends, you get to keep a lifetime access to all training materials which are regularly updated and enriched with new topics. You will also be invited to all future AMA sessions with different guest speakers!


What Our Students Think Of The Program

We helped our students upskill and find job opportunies in leading tech companies