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LimeAcademy | Telerik Academy presents


Ethereum developers Master Class

Upcoming pilot program

October 9th - November 22nd 2018

The in-person program will provide you with advanced knowledge on Ethereum blockchain by dividing the course on three stages: beginner, intermediate and expert.

  • The theoretical part of the course will be backed by practical examples based on cases from our experience.

  • The duration of the course is two months with classes occurring two days per week.

  • Part of the course will also be working on your own project, which you will be able to present at the end.

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How can I join?
For the pilot version of the master class, admission is invite-only. We have partnered with community leaders and influencers to select the first-ever masters-to-be to join the program If you are not among the first invited but still think that you can be a valuable participant in the class, get in touch and let us know why.

Is this for me?
This is the right program for you, if:

  • you're a software developer with 1.5+ years of experience
  • looking to upskill or re-skill
  • want to start a career as a blockchain developer

Do I have to pass an entry exam?
If you are among the selected, you will have to pass a test, which you will receive together with your invitation. You can take at your convenience, but not later than September 25th.

Program Details

Prerequisite – A minimum of 1.5 years of programming experience is obligatory in order to be admitted for the Ethereum Developers program

Commitment – 100% onsite participation. Expect an average of 4+ hours per week and additional time for self-preparation

Duration – The course spans 2 months with classes occurring two days per week

Schedule – Lectures are held from 18:30 – 20:30h every Tuesday and Thursday at Telerik Academy in Sofia

Language of instruction – Courses are conducted in Bulgarian, but all learning materials are in English

Location – Lectures will be held at Telerik Academy, Campus X, 31 Alexander Malinov Blvd., Sofia

Timeline and Curriculum

  • Sept 25 Get invited and take online test - Admission is closed
  • Sept 25 – Oct 1 Final ranking by organizers
  • Oct 1 Successful candidates are notified
  • Oct 1 – Oct 5 Confirm participation and pay commitment fee
  • Oct 9 Program starts
  • Nov 22 Final lecture
  • Dec 1 - Dec 2 Workshops Now

The course consists of 7 different topics taught throughout 7 weeks:


  • Week 1: Intro to Blockchain. Intro to Ethereum. Intro to Solidity.
  • Week 2: Real smart contract development, testing and deployment
  • Week 3: dApps development


  • Week 4: Module Wrap up and off-chain storage
  • Week 5: Tokens
  • Week 6: Crowdsales
  • Week 7: Upgradeability and more


  • One-weekend workshop: Mastering Ethereum blockchain


George Spasov

Blockchain Architect

George has experience leading teams to deliver successful software projects for startups like pCloud and corporations like IBM. In addition, he has been invited as a speaker on various conferences globally. His blockchain expertise has earned him recognition as a top performer of the Blockchain Developers Academy run by ConsenSys.
Ognyan Chikov

Blockchain Developer

Ognyan has just finished his Ph.D. and has worked for Siemens for 7 years as a network engineer. He's also had his own IoT startup. In addition to that, he's published academic papers on various topics and has been a speaker at many IoT and High-tech conferences.
Vladimir Hristov

Blockchain Developer

Vladimir has been a software developer for more than 10 years. He's been part of companies like Bulpros and Seeburger. He joined the LimeChain team in June 2018 as a dedicated blockchain development.
Martin Grigorov

Blockchain Developer

Martin has a university degree in Computer Science. He has worked on complex projects at SAP and has also developed solutions for IBM, including the app of the USA national cycling team. He has 4 years of experience in front-end, back-end and iOS apps. In his current role, he is developing blockchain solutions.
Veselin Savov

Blockchain Developer

Veselin has experience as R&D .NET Development and DevOp in developing software for oil & gas industry. Currently he is focused in Blockchain development - dApps, smart contract, distributed technologies. In addition, he has a lot of experience in building and setting up hardware for cryptocurrency mining.
Lyubomir Kiprov

Blockchain Developer

Lyubo is a second year student. He has been engaged professionally in programming for 2 years, before that - 3 years as amateur. He has 4 Microsoft certificates for knowledge in their products. In addition, he has participated in several hackathons and won 1 place in Hack FMI.
Daniel Ivanov

Blockchain Developer

Daniel has a couple years of experience developing cloud-based enterprise solutions for SAP. He is currently a blockchain developer at LimeChain, working on payment solutions and event tracking solutions in supply-chains.

Organizers and Venue

Campus X 31 Alexander Malinov Blvd.  Sofia, Bulgaria


LimeAcademy together with Telerik Academy will bring you the most comprehensive on-site blockchain development master class in Bulgaria.

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