Become a Blockchain Developer & Skyrocket Your Career

Blockchain learning program for developers hungry to expand their tech orbit

Practical online program by top blockchain professionals where you will be guided by a personal mentor and get support from a community of talented peers

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Get Job Opportunities in
Leading Tech Companies


Connect with Global Blockchain Professionals

Q&A sessions with special guests

Todor Todorov

Senior Blockchain Developer


Georgi Georgiev

Senior Blockchain Developer


Ivan Ivanov

Senior Blockchain Developer


Petar Petrov

Senior Blockchain Developer



What You Get From the LimeAcademy Blockchain Learning Program

8-modules Practical Program, 8 Weeks, 100% Online


Learn at your own pace with full access to all materials.

Personal Mentors and Real Own Projects


Regular sessions and guidance from a personal mentor for your own project.

Q&A sessions with special guests


Exclusive sessions with top professionals from the global blockchain industry.

Career Opportunities in top tech companies


After successful completion of the program you will get exclusive job opportunities from our partners.

Community of Top Talents


Join a community of peers where to grow together and get access to quality content.

Admission with Limited Spots


After applying and and completing an entry task only 30 candidates will be approved and invited to join the program.


Comprehensive 8-module Program
to Become a Blockchain Developer

  • Intro to Blockchain
  • Intro to Ethereum
  • Overview of Different DLT Protocols
  • Solidity 101
  • OpenZeppelin 101
  • Ethers.js Contract Interactions
  • Web3
  • Basic Tokens
  • Smart Contracts Security Fundamentals
  • Cryptography 101
  • Solidity 102
  • More wallets
  • Minimal Architecture (Client-Contract)
  • The Graph
  • Relayers & Trees
  • Offchain Storage
  • Oracles & External Data
  • Automation with OpenZeppelin Defender
  • Architectures Security Considerations
  • Cryptography 102
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability
  • DeFi
  • Oracle
  • Governance
  • Cosmos SDK
  • Substrate

Why You Should Apply
for The Program?


Is It for Me?

If you are a software developer with 1.5+ years of experience who is interested in acquiring new skills in the blockchain technology and eager to grow professionally, LimeAcademy is the perfect program for you.


Our Mentors Have Got Your Back

LimeAcademy mentors are experts with practical knowledge
from building numerous projects in LimeChain for the past 5 years

Stan Trenev

Senior Blockchain Developer

Ognyan Chikov

Senior Blockchain Developer

George Spasov

Senior Blockchain Developer

Chris Veselinov

Senior Blockchain Developer


What Our Students Think of The Program

We helped our students upskill and find job opportunies in leading tech comanies


Frequently Asked Questions

The tuition fee is 1200$. However… after successful completion of the program, you’ll get career opportunities from our partners and once you secure one of them, we’ll reimburse the whole amount.

If you enroll in the program only to upskill or start your own project, the fee stays with us.

This year’s season of LimeAcademy starts on 15th October and is 8 weeks long.

You get lifetime access to all materials including updates and new content in the community.

You’ll receive all materials in the beginning of the program and you can learn at your own pace. You’ll be able to schedule 1-1 sessions with your personal mentor and to get support all the time from the community peers. Once a week there will be a Q&A online session with a special guest and the whole community where they can answer your personal questions.

There are minimum skills required so you can successfully complete the program and become a blockchain developer.

Our team of mentors is dedicated to provide you with the best guidance so everyone in the program to successfully finish it. Our mission is to help you acquire and master all skills to become a top blockchain developer and to accelerate your career. In order to provide such high-quality service and training there will be limited spots for the program.

If your application is approved (based on your experience profile), you’ll advance in the process by working on a small entry task that we will send you over so we can better assess your development skills. After submitting the task and get the final approval you can join the program and start your training.

Become a Blockchain Developer
and Skyrocket Your Career

Blockchain learning program for developers hungry to expand their tech orbit