LimeAcademy Bootcamp

Learn, build, repeat.

What you get from the LimeAcademy
Blockchain Learning Program.

Practical online program designed to help experienced developers transition into the blockchain world and gain career opportunities after graduation.

Next cohort starts on the 18th of April.

Practical Program and
Real World Projects

  • 100% Online ✅
  • 9 Weeks
  • 12 Modules


The Bootcamp is designed to mimic the daily work routine of a blockchain developer. You will gain practical experience building a fully-functioning decentralized application on an Ethereum testnet.

Personal Mentors and Individual Support


Regular sessions and guidance from a personal mentor for your own project.

АМА Sessions – Top Web3 Professionals


Exclusive learning sessions with top professionals from the global blockchain industry.

Community of Top Talents


Join a community where you can grow together with your peers and access quality educational content.

Career Opportunities in Top Tech Companies


After successful completion of the program you can get exclusive job opportunities from our partners.

Invite-only Admission with Limited Spots


After applying, only a limited cohort of candidates will be approved and invited to join the program.

Career Development

Apart from the career development opportunities at the end of the training season, you will also get

CV Building

Semi-annual Pro Account in Resume Builder.

Interview Tips

Interviewing advice from a Talent Acquisition expert.

CV Review

Personal CV revision and best-practice advice

Career Sessions

Career Session with our partners where you can ask questions about their recruitment process, tech stack, culture and more.

All this sounds like you?


Learn from the best in the Business

Our Mentors are developers from LimeChain. They have more than 150+ projects under their belt, including Cudos, The Graph, and more.

Tugay Emin
Blockchain Engineer
Georgi Georgiev
Blockchain Developer
Vladimir Trifonov
Blockchain Developer
Kristian Dimitrov
Blockchain & Web3 Engineer
Dimitar Petkov
Blockchain Team Lead
Martin Grigorov
Development Team Lead
Dimitar Atanasov
Software Developer
Viktor Todorov
Full Stack Developer
Ognyan Chikov
Senior Blockchain Developer
Tomislav Drachev
Blockchain Developer

Training Requirements

If you are eager to transition to blockchain development, don’t wait and Apply Now!


At least 2 years of full-time programming experience.

Time Investment

Time investment of at least 10 hours per week.

Career Opportunities

We will prioritize those of you looking for a career change after the training.

Tech Skills

Experience with GitHub, JavaScript, React, Angular, NodeJS will help you throughout the course.

*For more info check our FAQ Section bellow.

All this sounds like you?


AMA Speakers 🔥

We Connect Our Students With Global Blockchain Professionals

Nick Lavrenov
Account Manager
Dennison Bertram
Mustafa Mahmutovic
Linum Labs
Henri Pihkala
Matthew Wright
Head of Strategy and Operations
Santiago Palladino
Lead Developer and author of “Ethereum for Web Developers”.
Matt Cutler
CEO & Co-founder
George Spasov
Blockchain Architect

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Frequently Asked Questions

Participants need to have a certain level of proficiency to be able to successfully complete the program and become blockchain developers. If you are making your first steps in software development, we don’t recommend jumping into blockchain development just yet. 

That’s why there is a prerequisite for you to have at least 2 years of full-time programming experience to apply for the program. 

Our team of mentors is dedicated to providing the program’s trainees with the best guidance to ensure that everyone in the program can complete it successfully. The limited spots ensure that everyone will get the care and attention they need. We have up to 30 spots available for each training season.

We will review your application and assess your technical skills, professional background and learning attitude. Some candidates might be invited for a short interview where we would ask some clarifying questions about your background and motivation. This is sometimes needed in order to assess whether the Bootcamp is the right fit for you.

If your profile meets the requirements you will be invited to save your spot and join the training.
Please be thorough when filling-in the application form. This will increase your chances of being invite


The program is not a lean-back-and-watch-tutorials kind of program. The program is demanding and it aims to mimic the daily work routine of a blockchain dev where you get a big project to develop hands on.

You’ll be able to schedule weekly 1-1 sessions with your personal mentor.

Once a week there is also an online meetup with the mentors and the whole cohort where you’ll get more opportunities to ask questions regarding your project.

Peer support and discussions are also welcome.

Blockchain 101

  • Intro to Blockchain
  • Intro to Ethereum
  • Overview of Different DLT Protocols


Web3 and Smart Contracts 

  • Solidity 101
  • OpenZeppelin 101
  • Ethers.js Contract Interactions
  • Web3
  • Basic Tokens
  • Smart Contracts Security Fundamentals
  • Solidity 102
  • More wallets



  • Cryptography 101 and 102


Common Architectures

  • Minimal Architecture (Client-Contract)
  • The Graph
  • Relayers & Trees
  • Offchain Storage
  • Oracles & External Data
  • Automation with OpenZeppelin Defender


Scalability and Interoperability 

  • Scalability
  • Interoperability



  • DeFi
  • Oracle
  • Governance


Building a Blockchain Network

  • Cosmos SDK
  • Substrate


DLT Design Patterns

  • Book: “Software Design Patterns for Distributed Ledger Technology and and Blockchain Projects”


You can choose between

  • Build an NFT marketplace where users can create, view, and trade their ERC-721 tokens (NFTs).
  • Create a token bridge to allow transfers of ERC-20 tokens (coins) between two blockchain networks.

To get the most out of the program, we suggest planning your time and allocating enough time to learn and practice. Join the weekly meetups, share your progress and findings, and connect with your peers. Participate in the AMA sessions, connect with the guest speakers and ask all of your questions.

The upcoming training season starts in 23 January 2023 and will end in March 2023.

The tuition fee is €1050. However, after successful completion of the program, you can get career opportunities from our partners and if you secure one we’ll reimburse the whole amount!

After the training season ends you get to keep a lifetime access to all training materials. You will also be invited to all future AMA sessions with different guest speakers!

Apply Now for the Upcoming Training Session on the 18th of April.