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Behind the Scenes Blockchain Dev Edition: Kris Dimitrov Tech Lead and Mentor

Kris Dimitrov is a tech lead in LimeChain and а mentor at LimeAcademy. He is currently focused on two main projects – the first is an app that serves as an entry point to the Metaverse world and blockchain games. And the second is a blockchain platform that allows companies to give each other short-term loans transparently and securely. We’ve sat down with Kris to ask him some questions about how he decided to become a blockchain dev and why he ventured to become a mentor in the Academy. 

Can you tell us more about why and how you decided to become a dev?

My interest in programming sparked when I was in 7th grade. I loved going to bookstores, and one day I saw a book titled “Learn C in easy steps”. Then I said to myself: “How cool and awesome would it be if I learned to code and create things”. And here we are today…

And how did you transition to blockchain development?

My first interests in blockchain were purely on the investment side because I saw the potential of the technology. I believe that it will truly bring a lot of changes in different areas. Naturally, it was not long before I wanted to dive deep into the technical aspects as well.

Was it hard?

It was and still is. It’s very different from traditional development, everything is moving quite quickly, and the resources are still scarce. I am extremely lucky to end up in LimeChain and have such knowledgeable and supportive colleagues to help me on my journey.

Kris Dimitov (left) Ivo Stoynovski (right)

Did you also go through some sort of academy, or did you learn by yourself?

I went through the “internal” academy that we have in LimeChain. We’ve built internal training paths for both frontend & backend oriented engineers. Also, a large part of my preparation is self-paced learning which is a non-stop process.

What is the best part of blockchain development?

It’s still so early, and there are many uncharted areas, making it really exciting! It gives you an opportunity to be a pioneer and come up with a solution on your own.

What is the worst part of blockchain development?

Sometimes mistakes can be costly due to the immutable nature of blockchain.

You are one of the mentors in LimeAcademy. Could you tell us more about how you decided to do that?

One of my primary drivers is helping others. I’ve been very fortunate throughout the years to have great mentors by my side, and I want to be that someone for others as well. I feel truly happy when I give back to people.

What is your advice to devs who want to become blockchain devs?

I’ll be short and simple: learn, adapt, overcome. Then repeat.

Curious to learn more about how to become a blockchain dev? Check out the program details here.

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Researched and written by

Evgeni Enakiev
CEO of LimeAcademy

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