Comprehensive 8-module Program To Become A Blockchain Developer​

  • Intro to Blockchain
  • Intro to Ethereum
  • Overview of Different DLT Protocols
  • Solidity 101
  • OpenZeppelin 101
  • Ethers.js Contract Interactions
  • Web3
  • Basic Tokens
  • Smart Contracts Security Fundamentals
  • Cryptography 101
  • Solidity 102
  • More wallets
  • Minimal Architecture (Client-Contract)
  • The Graph
  • Relayers & Trees
  • Offchain Storage
  • Oracles & External Data
  • Automation with OpenZeppelin Defender
  • Cryptography 102
  • Scalability
  • Interoperability
  • DeFi
  • Oracle
  • Governance
  • Cosmos SDK
  • Substrate
Practical Projects
  • Build an NFT marketplace where users create, view, and trade their NFTs.
  • Create a token bridge to allow transfers of ERC-20 tokens between two networks.


Program Format

LimeAcademy is а blockchain educational program for experienced programmers, regardless of the technology stack, who want to acquire new skills related to blockchain technology and grow professionally.

  • Learn at your convenient time to hit the suggested weekly milestones;
  • A mentor who is helping you in the learning process;
  • Develop real-life projects;
  • Have Q&A sessions with professionals from the blockchain industry;
  • Opportunity for career development after successful completion of the program;

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We helped our students upskill and find job opportunies in leading tech comanies


Connect With Global Blockchain Professionals

Our Past AMA Speakers

Dr. Dimitar Dimitrov

Chief Research Officer


Elena Gesheva

Solidity Developer and Protocol Engineer

Optimism PBC

Matthew Wright

Head of Strategy and Operations


Santiago Palladino

Lead Developer and author of "Ethereum for Web Developers".


Matt Cutler

CEO & Co-founder

Blocknative Corporation

George Spasov

Blockchain Architect


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