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Why you should apply for LimeAcademy’s Season 1

Why you should apply for LimeAcademy’s Season 1

On these pages we’ve already talked about why blockchain technology is ‘future-proof’ and why we think traditional coders should consider making the jump to blockchain development. We also examined what the process of making that transition is likely to entail. Now it’s time to discuss how LimeAcademy can help you on your journey to the world of blockchain and DLT development.

LimeChain and LimeAcademy

LimeAcademy is the latest endeavor of LimeChain, a true industry pioneer with over 100 successful projects. Our team is full of veteran blockchain developers that know the ins and outs of the industry. We always knew that we wanted to use that wealth of knowledge to help prepare the next generation of superstar blockchain developers, the question was how do we approach the matter. Eventually, we settled on a vision for an educational program and we began fleshing out that vision. With some of our most senior developers on the case, our vision grew into what is today LimeAcademy.

So, without further ado, this is why you should consider applying for LimeAcademy’s learning program.

Learn practical skills

We are of the belief that learning programs are most effective when they focus on practical skills that can make an immediate impact and create career opportunities for professionals, especially if they are transitioning to a new field. That’s why LimeAcademy’s course on blockhain development focuses on essential skills that will help you hit the ground running in your new role as a blockchain dev. The program’s primary focus is Ethereum, which is by far the leading platform for blockchain development.

The course comprises eigth modules – Blockchain 101, Web3 and Smart Contracts, Cryptography, Common Architectures, Scalability and Interoperability, Protocols, Building a Blockchain Network and practical projects – that cover key areas of blockchain development. Structured in this way, the programme will not only help you improve your general understandng of blockchain and distributed ledger technologies, but will also allow you to specialize in certain areas.

Be mentored by blockchain experts

LimeChain’s team is full of seasoned developers that have worked on some of the most innovative and ambitious projects in the blockchain space. Many of these bright people will also support LimeAcademy by providing mentorship to our students. Their guidance will help you navigate your way through the world of blockchain, which can be overwhelming and intimidating to newcomers.

Learn from industry leaders

And we’re not done! During the eight-week-long course, we’ll have frequent ask-me-anything sessions with some of the luminaries of the blockchain space. This means that you’ll have even more opportunities  to learn from some of the best in the business!

Be part of a great community

One of the key pillars of our vision for LimeAcademy is fostering a vibrant community of people that are eager to learn blockchain and grow as professionals in that space. Our aim is for our Discord community to become a place of friendly collaboration, study and meaningful discourse on everything blockchain. We want to ensure that our students will always have a place where the can discuss thor ideas with like-minded people or learn from past experience.

Apply now!

One of the things that we’re most excited about is the opportunity to help improve the blockchain-related educational content that is available on the Internet. To that end and in the spirit of open source, we’ll make all the educational materials we use as part of the program publicly available. That said, direct participation will always be best way to get the full benefits of the program. So apply today and join us in LimeAcademy’s Season 1.

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Researched and written by

Evgeni Enakiev
CEO of LimeAcademy

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