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The Training Journey

01 Start

LimeAcademy is not a course like any other. It embraces the self-paced learning approach, but it also comes with a recommended set of milestones strategically chosen by us to give you a clear performance benchmark to follow. There is no homework in the traditional sense. Still, there is a project that you will need to develop within the training season timeframe. From day one, you’ll be given access to all the knowledge resources you’ll need to tackle your project assignment successfully.

The training content consists mainly of reading materials, with relevant visual content like videos and tutorials sprinkled throughout. On top of that, you will have a personal mentor who will be there to guide you and answer your questions on everything related to your training journey – from general topics like “OK, where do I start?” all the way to drill-down technical queries about your project. 

The communication is async, which means that you can ask your questions anytime in the dedicated Discord channel, and a mentor will get back to you as soon as possible. Plan ahead to invest at least 10 hours a week. This will ensure that you have enough time to read the necessary materials and be on top of your project.

02 Project planning phase

In the project planning phase, you need to start reading the necessary materials, plan how to proceed with your task and think about the high-level architecture of your solution. Confirm with your mentor that your development approach is headed in the right direction. Also, from this point on, we suggest you start attending the Weekly Meetups with our mentors and the AMA sessions with different guest speakers.

We encourage you to do this because the guest speakers in our AMA sessions are top professionals who share valuable insights, personal stories, and resources worth checking out. Last but not least, they will answer all questions that you have for them. The Weekly Meetups with the mentors will be an excellent place to get to know the other participants from the training cohort and ask the mentors various questions about either the training materials or your project.

03 Development of the project

Start executing your plan and the development of the project. You can keep up with your attendance at the AMA sessions and Weekly Meetups with the mentors in this phase. Don’t hesitate to contact your mentor – they’ve been in your shoes and are there to help you out.

04 Finalise the project

We are still going strong with the AMA sessions and Weekly Meetups. The difference here is that this is the time to start wrapping up your project. Make sure everything is going according to plan and is working, and add final touches.

05 Graduation

Upon graduation, you will gain cutting-edge skills and acquire career opportunities from our partners if you are interested in a career change.

06 After Graduation

Congratulations! You are part of the community now! Your learning journey, however, doesn’t end here. Since the blockchain space is constantly changing and evolving, after graduation, you will gain lifetime access to the LimeAcademy training materials, which will be updated and enriched regularly. You will also continue to receive invites to all future AMA sessions! 🙂 If the training journey appeals to you, please check out our Application Journey page. There you can familiarize yourself with the steps required to enroll in the upcoming training season of LimeAcademy successfully.

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Researched and written by

Evgeni Enakiev
CEO of LimeAcademy

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