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LimeAcademy launches season 1 in October

UPDATE: Due to the high interest in the program and the many applicants, we will not be able to to process all applications and select the best candidates in time. That is why we’ve decided to move the start of the academy to November 1st. Thank you for all your interest and support towards the academy. We appreciate it!

The Launch

We are happy to announce that later this month we‘ll be launching LimeAcademy’s first season!

With the blockchain space growing at a steady pace, there are more and more exciting opportunities on the horizon and companies recognise that. That’s why the demand for blockchain developers is rapidly growing. We want to support the community in the best way possible and that’s why we poured our knowledge and expertise into the creation of LimeAcademy. 

LimeAcademy is a passion project created by LimeChain and aimed at helping experienced software developers transition to the world of blockchain development. 

“LimeChain has always taken a holistic approach to solve challenges,” says Nick Todorov, CEO and co-founder of LimeChain and LimeAcademy

The Programme

With LimeAcademy, our goal is, as always, to go above and beyond the industry standard. The academy offers so much more than a standard learning course. It offers the stories and knowledge of experienced mentors and guest speakers from the industry who will be there to provide guidance and answer questions during frequent AMA (ask-me-anything) sessions. We also offer access to a great community, with a Discord server that allows students  to connect with each other and share the passion for blockchain technology.

Along the way we will cover eight modules including Blockchain 101, Web3 and Smart Contracts, Cryptography, Common Architectures, Scalability and Interoperability, Protocols, Building a Blockchain Network and practical projects.

The experience will be 100% online, eight weeks long, hands-on learning format that focuses on real projects and teaches practical skills that are readily applicable to their job. 

Curious to see what our students say about us? Learn more here

Save your spot

To save your spot in the program you need to complete an entry test and have at least 1-2 years of software development experience. After successful completion of the programme, our students can get career opportunities from our partners in leading tech companies.

LimeAcademy’s season 1 is starting on the 18th of October with limited spots available.

Save your spot here.

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Researched and written by

Evgeni Enakiev
CEO of LimeAcademy

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