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LimeAcademy Application Journey

Updated: July 5th 2022

What steps do I need to take in order to apply for LimeAcademy?

LimeAcademy is self-paced training, but it’s not a lean-back-and-watch-tutorials program. Instead, it’s designed to mimic the daily work routine of a blockchain dev by tasking you to work on a large hands-on project for the duration of the training season. To complete the project, you’ll need to read through the available training materials and write code (almost) from scratch. A rough estimation of the expected time and effort required is at least 10 hours per week. Learn more about the training format here.

The Application Journey in 3 steps

01 Apply for LimeAcademy

Apply for the program. It will take 10-15 minutes to fill out the application form. You will be asked to share details about your professional background and experience. Remember, the more complete your profile, the better we can assess whether this program is the right fit for you.

The prerequisite for the training program is for you to have at least 2 years of full-time programming experience to apply for the program and good-to-have (but not mandatory) tech skills: JavaScript, React, Angular, BE experience with NodeJS, GitHub.

02 Profile match review

We will review your application and check if your profile meets the training’s requirements. If further clarifications are needed, we might call you or send an email. Not sure what’s required? Check out our explainer on what exactly blockchain developers do here.

03 Save your spot

If your profile meets the requirements, you will be invited to save your spot and join the training. You will receive a training contract for signature and payment details for the tuition fee. Please refer to our FAQ section for more information on the tuition fee for the upcoming season.

Start your training journey

The final step of the application journey is your training journey’s first step. Welcome to LimeAcademy – the blockchain program for developers!

Enroll in LimeAcademy to transition to the blockchain/web3 space and start building!

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Researched and written by

Evgeni Enakiev
CEO of LimeAcademy

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