About The Training Program

LimeAcademy is not a course like any other. It embraces the self-paced learning approach, but it also comes with a recommended set of milestones strategically chosen by us to give you a clear performance benchmark to follow. There is no homework in the traditional sense. Still, there is a project that you will need to develop within the training season timeframe. From day one, you’ll be given access to all the knowledge resources you’ll need to tackle your project assignment successfully.


Training Process

What You
Will Learn


Who's The Course For

It’s for experienced developers eager to learn more about the blockchain world and the technology. In LimeAcademy, you will learn practical new skills while working on real projects. The best part is that you can apply the new skills immediately to your work and transition as a blockchain developer. The course is suitable for front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers with at least 1,5 years of experience, preferably with, but not limited to React, C#, Java, JavaScript, etc.



Our Mentors Have Got Your Back

LimeAcademy mentors are experts with practical knowledge
from building numerous projects in LimeChain for the past 4 years

Daniel Ivanov

Blockchain Architect

Martin Grigorov

Senior Blockchain Developer

Sterios Taskudis

Software Developer

Ivan Stoyanov

Full Stack Developer

Martin Dobrev

Blockchain Developer

Hristiyan Georgiev

Senior Blockchain Developer

Dimitar Atanasov

Full Stack Developer

Viktor Todorov

Full Stack Developer

Stan Trenev

Senior Blockchain Developer

Ognyan Chikov

Senior Blockchain Developer

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