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LimeAcademy’s hiring partners

The moment has come to put the spotlight on the companies that we support in finding talent through LimeAcademy. 

Experienced developers who want to transition to Blockchain come to LimeAcademy in order to launch their web3 careers. We train them thoroughly so that they’re ready to jump straight into the industry once they graduate successfully. 

Our partners are in persistent need of blockchain tech talent. They’ve recognized our bulletproof approach and have partnered with us in order to hire participants as soon as they finish the Program. 

So, here are our star partners.


Is a leading cybersecurity company that provides security products to build, automate, and operate decentralized applications. LimeAcademy recently formed a partnership with them, as they are looking to hire Blockchain Security Engineers, Full-Stack Ethereum Developers and Open Source Developers.

Their team created the most popular open-source library for smart contract development with over 4 million downloads with a mission to protect the open economy. Building on this experience, they recently launched a platform to help teams automate their Ethereum operations and securely ship products faster: OpenZeppelin Defender.


Is the world’s first super app for crypto, empowering users to control and prosper from their digital assets and identity. The company was launched in 2018 and is backed by Silicon Valley and Europe’s top investors, including Paradigm, Index Ventures, Creandum and firstminute capital. 

Argent’s smart wallet is built on zkSync, a Layer 2. It is a non-custodial wallet, which means you’re in charge of your funds, and all your activity is recorded on the blockchain. The company also has Argent Vault, for the highest security on Ethereum Layer 1, and Argent X, a browser wallet for StarkNet.

Token Terminal

Is a platform that makes institutional-grade crypto asset data freely available for all. They are looking to hire Backend Engineers and Data Engineers. The team behind the company extracts raw smart contract event data from multiple different blockchains and aggregates, cleans, and transforms it into standardized and comparable business metrics. 

TT data shows that an increasing number of blockchains and decentralized applications can be valued based on the revenue that they generate. Token Terminal measures and evaluates the performance of blockchains and dApps using financial key performance indicators and aims to correct the misunderstanding of crypto being all about currencies. 


And of course we are also partnering with LimeChain for a range of tech positions. LimeChain have been operating on the forefront of the distributed ledger technologies and for the past 5 years they have build secure, trusted, and decentralized products together with some of the key players in the Web3 space like Hedera Hashgraph, Polkadot, The Graph, Universe, MantraDAO, CUDOS and many (150+) more. 

Relite Finance

Relite is all set to light up the NFT scene by letting businesses to participate in NFT minting, management and distribution using RELI token and the infrastructure it powers. For all their popularity, NFTs remain largely inaccessible for mainstream businesses without the support of dedicated and highly specialized resources. Relite changes that. To fill that market gap, and to empower businesses with NFTs, Relite’s latest iteration focuses on a platform that allows the frictionless creation and distribution of branded NFTs.

Lava Network

Lava pairs Providers with Applications for scalable, private and uncensored access to Web3 and is building decentralized blockchain infrastructure. Although they are a startup still in stealth-mode, they are already backed by some of the top crypto-native venture capital funds and angel investors. With a deep technical background in cybersecurity, they have extensive experience in finding, exploiting, or patching digital vulnerabilities. As a team they are inspired to support the creativity blockchains are unlocking and its future applications.

So, are you a developer interested in transitioning to Blockchain and working with any of these companies? Then learn more about LimeAcademy.

Or, are you a web3 company that’s looking for talent? Reach out at and let’s talk about how we can help you scale!

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Researched and written by

Evgeni Enakiev
CEO of LimeAcademy

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