From LimeAcademy to working on projects that use the hottest crypto trends: Nik’s journey

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This is Nick. He was one of our students in season 1 of LimeAcademy. Today, he is sharing his experience in the academy and why he decided to learn Blockchain and afterwards transition as a blockchain developer.

Why did you decide to transition to blockchain development?

About a year ago, I started reading about Bitcoin. More specifically, how it was created, why it was created, the game theory behind it, the economic, philosophical aspects, etc. I loved all of this, and I could basically read all day about related stuff. Since I specialise in computer science, this is when I started thinking about being part of all of this.

What was the most valuable thing in LimeAcademy?

To me, the most valuable things in the academy are the well-structured, up-to-date content and the mentors. It’s not impossible to be a self-learner, but as this space is relatively new and fast-growing, it is important to use a top tech stack rated by professionals. Also, the fact that you have a mentor to turn to makes the journey more exciting.

What have you achieved since graduating from the academy?

I now work as a Blockchain developer, and I’d say that I’m involved in projects that use the hottest crypto trends. Allowing me to see Blockchain in a more detailed picture and understand more advanced concepts that were very hard for me to understand before.

What advice would you give to someone who thinks about becoming a blockchain developer?

If he really wants it, now is the perfect time! Even for people who haven’t read much about Blockchain before, the academy is perfect to just try and see what it is like to be a blockchain developer. And learn about all crypto concepts that the world is talking about.

Do you want to learn more about blockchain? 

The application window for the LimeAcademy’s May-June 2022 training season is now open. Learn more here.

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